Visit Magnificent Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are a magnificent place to visit anytime of the year and are full of sun, sand and adventures.  Enjoy a tropical vacation with amazing culture, pristine landscapes, and picture perfect beaches.  There are endless ways to connect with your family while discovering the diverse ecosystems of the Hawaiian Islands.  I am sure Hawaii will not disappoint you!  Let me help you discover what Island(s) best fits your family.



Due to its proximity to the equator there is truly no bad time to travel to Hawaii.  Temperatures stay around the 80’s year around, making everyday a great day! July and December are the most visited months, while the Autumn months seem to be a little calmer.



√  Hike through the lush valleys and see spectacular waterfalls
√  Watch lava flow from an active volcano
√  Swim at night with the manta ray
√  Learn to surf or paddle board
√  Explore the beaches with sands of different shades-white, black, red
√  Snorkel with giant sea turtles and exotic fish
√  Experience Historic Pearl Harbor
√  Learn about Hawaii’s agriculture of pineapples or coffee
√  Take a boat ride to see remote lands unreachable by car
√  Visit the highest point of Hawaii, Mauna Kea, you might even find snow