Taking care of your soul

Making Dreams Happen

For you many of you it is the start to winter break.  For me, I feel like we just had a winter break with all the days we had off for snow.  I always enjoy some time off and the slower paced days; however am sure by the end of the break I will be ready to send them back to school.  On Monday, we had a very magical experience and got to watch the Polar Express in the IMAX theater at the science museum. We all wore our PJ’s, drank hot cocoa and watched the Polar Express.  Do you still believe in the magic? We all have a little kid inside our soul.
Speaking of your soul, this time of the year we start to think about what we want to do next year.  Whether it is goal setting or changing something, one area I think is particularly important on the list is your soul care.  Traveling can be so beneficial for your soul. It relieves stress, kee you fit, exposes you to different environments, keeps your brain engaged and revives your passions.
Instead of making a new years resolution, sit down and make a travel bucket list or any type of bucket list.  Create something positive that gets you excited. The winter break is a perfect time to start thinking about where you want to travel with your family.  Start small, like where is somewhere you want to go this year and work towards the larger goal of where do you want to travel with your family over time.  We all have different ideas of where we want to go but making a written goal holds you accountable. It can also be fun for the entire family. I love looking through travel books, magazines or the internet for ideas of inspiration.

Last week while I was snowed in I thought it would be fun to see where people would want to travel if money and time were not an object.  I loved the reponses, they were all over the world: Greece, Australia, Africa, Iceland, etc. While everyone has dreams, we can all make these reality with a little planning and saving.  

How to Create a Travel Bucket List

  • Where do you want to go?// Get the kids involved in the planning.

  • What activities do you want to experience?// Learn to surf, ski in the Alps, experience the Safari…

  • How long would you be able to stay?// Did you know that most Americans don’t take all their vacation time, use it!

  • When is the best time to travel to the destination?// Explore the North in the summer and South in the winter.

  • How strenuous is the destination?// For example, does it require a lot of difficult walking. Is there an age limit?

  • Who wants to come?//Is it a multigenerational trip? Friends trip?  Couples getaway?

  • Figure out a ballpark budget for each trip.// This one takes a little research and I am happy to give you some estimates for different locations.  Make sure to include, flights, accomodations, food and activities for everyone.

  • Start a trip fund and contribute weekly.// Keep a jar in the laundry room for change. Set up a bank account for weekly contributions.

  • Create a visual board for locations// For example, a board on Pinterest, a file folder of photos, a bookmark on your computer or you follow your favorite hotel on instagram.

  • Connect with your travel agent.// My goal is to get you where you want to go.

Where are your dreams going to take you?

Question: What is wellness?

Answer: When you align your body, mind, heart and actions with your dreams.