When bad things happen to good vacations...

Do you have car, life and health insurance?

Why not travel?

I am currently sitting in peace and quiet in a hotel, alone.  Yes, very rare but I am away from home. My days away have been extremely busy and very motivating.  I love meeting other travel advisors and suppliers from all over.  Yesterday, I had a really in-depth conversation with Allianz Travel Insurance which triggered me to share with you the importance of travel insurance.  Its definitely not the fun or sexy part of my job but it is important to be familiar with travel insurance and why to get it.

What happens when something goes wrong…


This has to be, without a doubt, one of my biggest challenges as a Travel Professional. No matter how extravagant or low-budget your trip may be, there are many things totally outside of your control that could change your dream vacation into a nightmare faster than you can say “Superstorm Sandy”. For many years I, like many other travelers, was one who believed that once I had committed to a trip, I was going to go on it...NO MATTER WHAT! It just didn’t seem necessary to add another $79- $129-$249 (whatever the premium) to the cost of trip for something as un-romantic as travel insurance. It hasn’t been until this year that my eyes have definitely been opened to the need for a good travel policy.  I just bought a year long plan to cover all my trips.

So, you’re not elderly...you’re healthy...You’ve already confirmed with your boss 3 times that you can have the time off...Nothing is going to keep you from going on your vacation and nothing is going to go wrong while you are there....right?

Consider these possibilities:

  • One of your parents falls and injures themself and needs you to be their caregiver

  • One of your adult children falls ill or needs surgery and has nobody to watch the grandchildren...they need Grandma!

  • Your kids get the stomach flu and you can’t possibly go on vacation.

  • Your flights to Miami are delayed or cancelled due to the new Polar Vortex and you miss the Caribbean cruise you have been planning all year...The ship has the nerve to sail without you!

  • 2 days before your Italy tour, your largest client at work announces that they will be cancelling the contract if you aren’t in their offices by 9:00am 3 days from now

  • The volcano in Iceland erupts again, spewing ash into the sky and all Transatlantic flights are cancelled for 3 days. You are stuck in Paris for an extra few days where the average hotel room costs $400 per night and you miss an important sales call back at work that costs your company a huge contract...

And the list goes on......Whew! Any of these situations would be extremely stressful, and could be financially devastating if you don’t have adequate travel insurance. Never say never to something happening. Get the mindset out of your head that “Nothing is going to keep us from going on that trip...NOTHING!” Isn’t protecting your dream vacation worth the minimal cost of travel insurance? Your peace of mind and financial well-being are well worth the investment to your Travel Consultant....What about you?