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Guided Tours

Can you believe today is the last day of January? I can’t, but in my mind we are a month closer to spring! Yay!  This week we had our last day off of school until spring break, that makes me even more excited! The other thing that makes me excited is seeing my kids be brave. My oldest sang a solo this past week at her school talent show.  My stomach was in knots for her but she did awesome. I love when my kids take a leap into something new, it inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and be courageous. What do you have to lose?

Thinking of doing something new, have you ever considered a guided tour vacation for your family? Guided vacations are truly the cross between an all inclusive and sightseeing adventure with no stress attached.  No longer do you need to be nervous to take on multiple countries, cities or national parks. You can also alleviate the stress of learning a new language when you hae a guide to help with translations. Taking a guided group vacation can create a new travel experience while providing adventures above and beyond the typical vacation.  Gone are the days of just older people or school groups taking these types of trips. Now there are guided groups geared for just about any age, hobby and location around the world.

Benefits to Traveling in a Guided Group

  • Effortless Travel// You don’t need to figure out anything as you are guided through unknown territory.  You will have someone who knows the language and the territory.

  • Exclusive access// Many of the hotels and excursions that sell out are available through these guided vacation companies. They have built the relationships so you can enjoy the benefits.

  • Cultural Experience// Learn about the culture from a local, not a guide book.  In addition to having a local guide, many of the tours will give you experiences that you wouldn’t experience on your own.  Activities vary but some include having dinner with a local family or visiting a dude ranch.

  • Relaxation// There is no stress, no planning what you are doing the next day.  You get to sit back on a private vehicle and take in the landscape. Local meals are usually included in the cost, so you don’t have to read through the endless yelp reviews.  Just relax, they will guide you!

  • New Relationships// Meet people from all over who will travel in your group or create your own private group.  Adults will be able to talk with other adults while the kids are off eing kids with the new friends they make.  Who knows who you’ll meet and what friendships may emerge.

  • Itineraries built for your interests// There are itineraries for destinations all over our world built for multigeneration, solo parent travel, teenage, wildlife, active, national parks and so much more.  These itineraries have been built from experts who know the area and have done copious amounts of research on how to best serve their clients. No need to dig through the tour books, they will do the digging for you!

  • Accomodations fit for families in mind// From the hotels to the activities they are well aware of what is best for families.  They provide the “toys” or “adventures” suitable for kids and adults.

  • Value// Yes these companies are able to put together a hand crafted itinerary at a fraction of the price of  putting it together yourself. The guided vacation companies are able to obtain hotels at a discount and the excursions are all deeply discounted.


Photos courtesy of Globus Travel

Unique experiences all over the world. Making masks in Venice to a wagon trip in Yellowstone to Peru’s local markets. Stop putting off that multi country European vacation, the trek through multiple national parks or a once in a lifetime trip to the African safari.  Be at ease when booking a guided tour knowing that your family will have the experience of a lifetime and see all the hidden treasures the world has to offer.  It will feel like an all inclusive trip on the move!