What excites you?

What excites you in life?  One thing that gets me super excited, besides travel, is summer! I am feeling that sweet, slower pace of  summertime and I love it.  Our neighborhood pool is opening this weekend, summer swim team started this week, we took our first bike ride to the ice cream shop this week, and my youngest daughter even had a school performance about summer. I love summer because it brings out the explorer and adventurous side of our family.  If your family enjoys being outside, let me tell you about this amazing way to see different destinations.

“At Backroads, we believe that traveling under your own power and at your own pace opens up an opportunity to connect more meaningfully with the world. Our mission is to provide a travel experience so transformative that you’ll never want to travel in any other way. We provide amazing support on meticulously planned itineraries with superb accommodations so you can be totally present enjoying your adventure.”
-Backroads Goal

As many as 1,000 itineraries are geared towards families.  Backroads is all over the world and in 22 National Parks. There are so many amazing perks to traveling with Backroads.  One awesome part is they will help form groups with the same age kids so your kids can make friends. Now I know what your thinking...I am not that active, or I don’t ever cycle, or my kids can’t go much more than down the street.  Have no fear! The activity level is catered towards you and how much you want to do. They have some of the best equipment in the industry including bike trailers and tag along for the younger kids. They will work with you to customize the activity level for each member of your family.  The best part is there is kid time, parent time and family time built into all these itineraries creating the perfect balance.

Here are 10 trips for Teens & Kids that will keep your family reminiscing for a lifetime.

  1. Yellowstone & Tetons Multi-Adventure Tour

  2. Alaska Multi-Adventure Tour

  3. Switzerland Multi-Adventure Tour

  4. Croatia Multi-Adventure Tour

  5. Dolomites Multi-Adventure Tour

  6. Loire Valley Bike Tour

  7. Canadian Rockies Multi-Adventure Tour

  8. Hawaii's Big Island Multi-Adventure Tour

  9. Pyrenees to Costa Brava Multi-Adventure Tour

  10. Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon Multi-Adventure Tour

“When multiple families come together on a Backroads Family Trip, it's like summer camp for the whole family! From rafting through epic national parks to zip-lining above Central American treetops, every trip has something in store for all members of the family.”