From babies to boomers

View from the Incline in Pittsburg, PA

View from the Incline in Pittsburg, PA

Does anyone else feel like June flew by?  Some days can feel very long but the weeks and months just fly by! We spent a long weekend traveling to see my sister’s family and then to watch the Women’s World Cup with some high school friends.  It is always fun to get away and catch up with old friends. 

I am very excited I’m leaving for a family vacation to Smith Mountain Lake this weekend.  Here I am writing about taking a new type of multi-generational trip while about to depart on a trip with my parents and my sister’s family.  Maybe the combination of this newsletter and me talking to them will inspire my own family to travel somewhere new! 

Multi-gen travel is hotter than ever.  Do you enjoy building relationships with your parents and kids?  Let this be the year you try something new with your family, skip the beach, mountain or lake trip you take every year.  Here are 6 hot trends to consider for a multi-generation trip.

Travel Together

  • Grandparents want in on the action// Yup you read that right!  The boomers are active, healthy, and looking to spend time with their loved ones. Milestone birthdays and anniversaries are a chance for bring-the-whole-gang celebrations, and many grandparents yearn to share a place that’s special to them, such as a national park or a hidden corner of Italy. 

  • Families are going back to their roots//Genealogy trips are perfect for multigenerational groups, and today’s influx of easily accessible genetics-testing services.   Young and old are curious about their heritage.

  • Kids are getting involved in the travel planning//What are your kids curious about?  When selecting a location and activities involve the kids. Museums and cultural sites are bringing more children’s programs in all the time.  They are making the experience fun and engaging for all ages. 

  •  Service-oriented vacations help families give back//“Voluntourism” may be the buzzword you’re most familiar with, but “service-oriented travel” tends to emphasize human connection over project management. Several tour operators specialize in volunteering trips, where families can immerse themselves directly with a local community to help with daily activities and other projects – all while bonding as a unit. These trips can also help older generations pass on core values to younger ones.

  •  A classic favorite is becoming even more family friendly//Cruise lines continue to add boatloads of new activities and amenities for families. New tricked-out suites come furnished with karaoke machines and board games; ship-wide scavenger hunts send groups on mystery-solving quests; and even river cruising, which has traditionally attracted an older demographic, is welcoming little ones. Several river-cruise lines now offer family-themed sailings, often during school holidays and summer breaks, which include onboard kids’ clubs, all-ages shore excursions, and more.

  • Families are enjoying guided vacations together//Taking a guided tour together allows everyone to travel around seamlessly with a tour guide in charge.  A family member doesn’t have to be left responsible. The groups activities will be catered to the families desires.  Kids can take part in youth activities while the adults go off and enjoy one another.

Whether its an anniversary, birthday or holiday gathering; consider traveling together to somewhere nobody has traveled! Make it unforgettable.