Let the kids HELP!

We are currently headed out the door for our first mini summer trip.  First stop, Winchester to visit my sister’s family and then off to Pittsburgh to gather with our high school friends and their families.  We are looking forward to an action packed weekend!

This summer is off to a great start.  My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Father’s day.  We had a fun weekend of golf, tennis, pool and lots of good food! Monday kicked off the first official day of summer in my house and one of my goals was to start off on the right foot, with rules and chores in place.  I really wanted to focus on responsibilities and teaching my girls the importance of them. One responsibility I have let them take charge of is packing for trips. I first started by letting them pack their carry on or entertainment for the trip.  The last few trips I have handed them a packing sheet like this one HERE and allowed them to pack. One thing I still control is how it’s actually packed in the suitcase, I do that! My oldest has it down, my younger one needs a little help in the color coordinating world but she is making progress!

From here, I pack everything into packing cubes and into the suitcase.  In the process, I double check to make sure it all looks good. It helped me to feel less stress and cut the packing time. I am not shoving in everything at the last minute, instead we are all mindful about how much we really need.

Benefits of letting your kids help pack!

  • Plan Teaches responsibility

  • They know what they have packed so they also know what to bring back

  •  Less stress on the main packer aka mom

  • They have what they want to wear, so there should be no arguments

  • Prepares them for when they will travel on their own

  • Makes them feel part of the planning process

  • Gets them excited for the trip

  • Teaches them about different climates in different locations

    On your next trip, consider letting your kids pack their own belongings. Maybe start by letting them pack the entertainment or carry on and then clothing. Let them be part of the process.

On the road again!

On the road again!