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Phew, what a week for me!  There was so much good that it’s hard to believe it has only been a week.  I had the opportunity to exhibit at the Homeschool Conference here in Richmond, I met people from all over who want to travel.  I was able to squeeze in my daughters piano recital which just blew me away. I can’t even believe how far she has come in the last year.  After the conference, I took a few days off from work to paint like a crazy lady in my house. I love to paint but man it can be exhausting. The best thing about this week is that after tomorrow  my kids are home for the summer. I can’t wait!

With summer here, that also means travel. We are lucky in this day and age to have easy entertainment for the car or plane. But have you ever been on an airplane and the wifi didn’t work, been in the car when the charger didn’t charge or better yet the DVD player didn’t play?  I have and it makes for unhappy kids and adults. As much as technology is a blessing to the travel world it can also cause many tears when it doesn’t work. My travel tip of the day is, don’t rely on technology when traveling. Make sure you have other “tools” in your tool bag to keep kids happy and entertained.  

Ideas to help keep the kids entertained on road trip and plane rides

  1. Plan Ahead

  2. Bring a book(s)-Books that make sound are great for little kids, for older ones find something that excites them but is new. We have even found “joke” books and destination guide books entertaining.

  3. Coloring book/workbook/paper and clipboard with colored pencils (in a pencil box) and handheld sharpener.  Colored pencils can’t melt and won’t ruin clothing.

  4. Book on CD or downloaded audio book -go to the library and pick out a book the whole family will enjoy.

  5. Games that require nothing (I-spy, quiet game, license plate game, alphabet game)

  6. Games that require paper and pencil (hangman, tic tac toe, printed out scavenger hunt)

  7. Journal-Encourage older kids to write a story of the trip and younger ones to draw pictures

  8. Figurerings, allow the imagination to work

  9. Chalkboard/white board can provide easy entertainment with multiple functions.

ideas that you can buy directly from Amazon

  1. Mad libs

  2. Wiki sticks, washi tape and stickers

  3. Magnets (dolls, tangrams, puzzles, games, etc) and cookie sheet(grab one from the dollar store)

  4. Mind puzzles, leave the kids busy for a long time.  Think fun has a lot,  Rubik’s cube

  5. Bingo

  6. Melissa and Doug water wow and other Melissa and Doug items

  7. Gel Pens-you may love me or hate me but my kids love to do “tattoos” all over with them.  I take a deep breath and let them because they do wash off and entertain them!

  8. Play a card game (go fish, old maid, uno, spot it, war, Radical Road trip etc)

  9. Rainbow looms, yarn bracelets or even cheerios necklaces.

  10. Don’t want to think about it, just grab this bag or this box

  11. Use technology as a reward for good behavior

Being prepared with extra entertainment and exciting snacks can help alleviate some of the boredom.  I tend to always go to the dollar store or target dollar bins to find some inexpensive but entertaining activities.  I use those items as a surprise along the way. Let go of the fear and embrace the incredible experiences. The ideas out there are endless!  What works for your family? Send me a note or comment on facebook or instagram! We are all trying to make life easier, let's help each other out!

My last piece of advice...don’t use all your tricks on the way to the destination, save something for the return home.  

On the road again!

On the road again!