What is inside my BAG?

We are on our grand adventure out West, having a fabulous wild and crazy time.  Without giving you too many details about our adventures I will say it is absolutely insane to see so many different landscapes.  The full write up on each park will come when I return home. 

So do you ever feel like you have to go on a big shopping trip or search for all the right items for your vacations? Do you need just the right gadget or gizmo?   I am guilty of it. This trip was definitely one of those trips where I felt I needed certain accessories. While it can be challenging to balance packing to be prepared and packing light, it is important that you spend some time thinking about what you may need. There is a balance for sure and this trip I probably overpacked....I will report back later about that one!

Look what is new inside my bag?

  • Trekking Poles// Mandatory...probably not, practical yes. My kids always pick up a stick along the trails to use as a hiking pole but this time there weren’t any sticks to find. We don’t usually hike along trails where hiking poles are recommended. . My kids have enjoyed this purchase so far.

  • Dry Bag// Very useful to carry personal belongings while kayaking, paddle boarding or rafting. It keeps everything dry and will float if you are to flip. We carried a towel, lunch, extra water and sunscreen in our bag.

  • Hiking appropriate shoes// In the past I wear my old running shoes, like the ones without tread. Total opposite of what you need. We have found Keen’s to be a perfect summer shoe because they have tread, protect the toes and are water friendly.

  • Go, girl aka a female urination funnel// Yup, you read that right. After taking a hike with my girls in VA I realized they were a HOT mess trying to urinate on our hike. Clearly other women struggle with urinating without a toilet. Worth the money to save us on tears…the struggle is real.

  • Selfie/tripod stick//My arm is just not long enough and I decided this was the trip to bite the bullet and get one. We will have the four of us in a lot of pictures this trip! Often on trails there is no one to take the perfect family picture, this has been handy.

  • Sea Bands// A natural way to help with motion sickness. My kids often don't feel well in the back seat of the car and dramamine makes them very tired. So far these have helped alleviate a lot of complaining. Happy kids=happy mom.

  • Water filtration straw// I am kind of a water snob. I also wonder where the water has come from so this made me feel a little better. We even tried it in the lake, no one is sick yet!

  • Pack It Cooler bag// This bag is awesome! It folds completely flat so you can easily pack it in your suitcase. Place the bag in the freezer overnight for a nice cold cooler the next day.

    All items were purchased from Amazon, just click on the item to learn more!

    While this trip had a lot of “extra” packing essentials it was also the easiest to pack clothes wise.  We have been living in our work out clothing and only packed a few outfits that were a tad nicer for dinner.  Keep it comfy and all will be happy. What fun gadget or gizmo did you purchase before you last trip?