Beating the Heat

It’s been a toasty few months here in Virginia.  I know for some people they can’t handle traveling in the heat of the summer. Have you ever consider taking a nice cool vacation to witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis?  AKA the Northern and Southern Lights.  Yes, these lights do occur in both hemispheres and happen when charged particles from the sun become trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field and create a spectacular light show.  Prior to learning more about the aurora season I had two thoughts, they could only be seen in Iceland and during the winter.  However, that isn’t true.  You can see this spectacular light show a good portion of the year and destinations all around the globe.  The best spotting lies in an oval circle around the north and south poles. These lights are really a sight not to be missed.

Top 5 Destination to see the Northern lights

  • Iceland- here you will have one of the best opportunities to see the lights. Why?  There is so much coastline that allows you to drive the open skies.  There are some spectacular places to see the northern lights and even sit back and relax at the Blue Lagoon.  

  •  Alaska- Leave your passport behind and get a different view of Alaska. Come late August until April to see the lights outside of Fairbanks.

  •  Norway-looking for a place without freezing temperatures and a more urban feel, Tromoso is a great destination to spot the lights just north of the arctic circle and not feel too far from a city.

  • Canada. Yellowknife is known for its own Aurora village where they hold special events for tourist wanting to see the lights. Fun place to be surrounded with others searching for the same experience.

  •  Sweden-looking to get off the beaten path?  In Sweden you can go on a nightly photo tour in The Abisko National Park.  Its considered to be a great place to view them! 

    Tips for increasing chances of seeing the Northern Lights

  • Escape the City, light pollution will impact your chances of seeing the lights

  • Clear skies are essential

  • Winter will increase your probability of spotting lights because increased night hours but the Autumn equinox can also be a great time to see them and have nice weather.

  • Just remember, the lights are unpredictable.

  • Enjoy the chase!