California dreamin' on such a winter's day

I took pictures of these slides at my conference and yesterday I was so surprised my name got picked for the NYC marathon! Yay!  
Everyone needs reminders like these. Be inspired, do what you love and have fun doing it!

California Dreamin’

What a week it has been for me! Thankfully I am finally feeling like me again after getting   sick. In the midst of being sick I still found a little reserved strength to attend a very important event for me, the Book More Travel Workshop put on by the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs.  It was my first time attending and oh my goodness the leaders of GIFTE are not only inspirational for Travel professionals but for anyone.   They delivered awesome content, mindset training, and the opportunity to meet with amazing suppliers. I walked away encouraged and in love with my job.  Yes, in love with my job.

One thing I love about my job is sharing about beautiful places around the world.  Today, let's talk California. California has a special spot in my heart, it’s where Kyle and I moved after getting married.  We have gone a few times with the girls and created some of the most amazing memories. Ironically, he is there now for work...oh how I wish I could be there!

California is big, very big, very diverse and full of endless places to explore and see. My focus this week is Southern California or SoCal because I am needing some warm sunny thoughts!  Who is with me on that!?

SoCal Fun

think LA to San Diego and all the beach in between

  • Huntington Beach// I love this beach town, it’s just the right size to soak up the sun, watch and/or learn to surf or bike along the beach.  

  • San Diego Zoo// With over 3500 animals you are sure to see one of your favorites and a lot of other animals.  Get up close, take a gondola ride over the zoo or go on a tour bus though the park...yup a bus in a zoo. You won’t get bored here!

  • Griffith Park// This is one of the largest urban parks and famous for the Hollywood sign.  You can hike to the actual sign or view it from various places in the park. One of my favorite activities in the park is learning about the stars at the Griffith Observatory...not the Hollywood stars but the stars in the sky.

  • La Brea Tar Pits// there is nothing like it around.  It is fascinating to have this fossil dig right in the heart of LA.  Yes, it is real live TAR coming out of the ground. They still have archaeologist digs surrounding the museum.  Fascinating!

  • La Jolla// Just north of San Diego you can visit the famous Children's Pool full of seals.  Yes, the area was originally for children but has been overtaken by hundreds of seals. My absolute favorite adventure while in La Jolla was kayaking in the La Jolla Coves right off the shore, I highly recommend it!  Or if you're feeling super adventurous you can hang glide off a cliff over the Pacific Ocean.

  • Catalina Island// Take a high speed ferry to this beautiful island full of adventure and relaxation.  You are sure to find something for everyone!

  • Disneyland// Yes, it's Disney but nothing like Disney World. Disneyland is actually a whole lot less stressful, like you don’t need to plan months in advance.

  • Getty Museum// A spectacular art museum both inside and outside.  The museum sits on top of a hill which allows for a beautiful view of LA.  Inside the museum you will find a variety of art from all time periods.

  • Santa Monica// You can find it all, the super famous pier and ferris wheel, good shopping and delicious food. Did I mention it’s a great spot to people watch.


Need a little help making your California Dreamin' reality?

Let me know, I can help you!