The art of getting LOST


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit the largest corn maze east of the Mississippi River.  It was about an hours drive from Richmond making it a nice Sunday afternoon with the family. Once we got to the start I could start to sense worry from my oldest kid as they described the 4 different mazes you could do.  With a map of the maze, a pencil and water we walked into the blue maze and got lost together. From there we really had to work together through each twist and turn to find our way. Along the way their were questions that we could work to solve a crossword puzzle together.  It kept us engaged but we ended up missing a few because we didn’t deviate enough off the path!  

This corn maze led me to thinking about getting lost on trips or in our own daily life.  I am very guilty of sticking too much to a schedule and not giving us any flexibility to go off plan.  We depend a great deal on our phones to get us from point A to point B and get so angry when we don’t stick to it.  I have some very vivid memories from my childhood of my family getting lost. Most travelers try not to get lost but I encourage you to think about the beauty of getting lost together.  It can be a great bonding experience you wouldn’t normally consider. 

Why getting LOST can be so good

  1. Find some of the most amazing restaurants that are off the beaten path

  2. Discover how the locals live

  3. Disconnect from the world

  4. Leads to unexpected adventures

  5. Allows you to get away from the known

  6. Can teach you to relax and embrace the situation

  7. Gets you away from the tourist traps 

  8. Getting lost is liberating

  9. Builds family unity to figure out how to get back

  10. Getting lost is fun, you will have a better story when you get home

Let go of the fear of getting lost, it’s easy to get back to the start. We have phones, maps, ubers or better yet meet a local and ask for directions. I promise these are the adventures you and your kids will remember forever. My husband still married me after my dad took him on a great adventure around Valencia, Spain trying to find the hotel. Turn the frustration of getting lost into a time of joy, curiosity and adventure.