Peace AND Quiet anyone?

Spring is in full bloom!  Friday, I had the chance to attend my youngest daughter's field trip to the local botanical garden.  It was such a perfect way for these kids to see, taste, smell and hear about all the things they had been learning. Field trips to kids are like vacations to adults, escaping from the normal routine all while learning something new.   Over the weekend we had a big family milestone, we saw Lady Antebellum in concert.  The girls had a great time singing and dancing at the concert!  It was so much fun!
Do you know what is coming up this weekend? Yes, its Mother’s day for all the mom’s out there.  Growing up I would always ask my mom what she wanted for Mother’s day or any holiday and she would respond “peace and quiet.” I never understood why until...I became a mother myself.   Maybe you are a mom or know a mom who is in need of some “peace and quiet.” A Wellness vacation may be needed and honestly it's probably needed for all of us. Wellness vacations offer an array of options from spa treatment, nutritional planning to fitness bootcamps.  There is an option for every mom out there!

What wellness retreat is calling your name?

Hotel Spa

You can find locations nearly everywhere, which makes for a great weekend getaway. At these hotels, the spa is just as important as the Michelin-starred restaurant, and the space usually offers a slew of treatments.  

Cruise Ship Spa

Does your mom enjoy cruising and a good spa treatment? Cruise spas are complete with all the must-have amenities you’d find on land – steam rooms, saunas, relaxation areas – as well as an extensive list of treatments. However, the real beauty of a cruise-ship spa is the location: everywhere.

Spa Resort

The treatment menu is the star at a spa resort, where you’ll have a seemingly endless list of facials, scrubs, mani-pedis, add-ons, and massages to choose from. “Journeys” are especially popular: multi-hour, multi-treatment extravaganzas that combine massage with other feel-good offerings, such as scalp treatments or reflexology. The name of the game at many spa resorts is often indulgence: multiple treatments during the day, followed by a gourmet dinner.

Wellness Retreat

Focusing on rejuvenation and mind-body balance, wellness retreats promote a holistic lifestyle that highlights mindfulness, yoga, and fitness. Beyond treatments, spa menus here also include an array of classes and expert-led sessions on meditation, healthy eating, astrology, and even beekeeping. Though some retreats offer weekend packages, longer stays help you get the most out of the experience.  Ready to commit to wellness, this is the place for you.

Fitness Camp

Shredding is the name of the game at fitness camps: muscles, pounds, and excuses. Expect early-morning wakeups (5 am, anybody?), punishing workouts (hello, four-hour hikes), and draconian detox menus free of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. The upside: After a few days of intensive, grueling workouts that make you long for a Netflix marathon on your couch, you’ll return home stronger, more focused, and ready to tackle your fitness goals on your own.

Health/Medical Spa

With a science-heavy slant that focuses on improving health, eliminating triggers and toxins, and curbing bad habits, health spa facilities combine doctor’s-office-style testing and pathology with restorative spa treatments. A team of doctors and nurses may run bloodwork to identify issues and deficiencies, while IV drips and vitamin prescriptions aren’t uncommon. Nutritional consultations and specialized eating programs are tailored to your needs, so be ready for strict regimens, super healthy meals, and the occasional indulgent massage.