One size doesn't fit all!

Aloha from Hawaii

Yay! I am currently in route to HAWAII. I am officially on vacation!  Make sure to keep up with our adventures through the Big Island and Kauai on Instagram and Facebook.

I often ask my clients, what is on your bucket list?  Where have you wanted to go but just haven’t, and 9 times out of 10 Hawaii falls on that list. Visions of tropical palm trees swaying in the breeze, drinks in coconut shells, hula dancers, beaches of all colors, and adventure on land and in the sea looks appealing to so many! I belong to some travel agent Facebook groups and always cringe when I see someone ask: "What is the best island/resort for families in Hawaii?" There are so many different answers, depending on the family, their likes/dislikes, their budget, and their dreams of what their priceless vacation will look like!Adventure seeking family guide to Hawai

Some of the top reasons families select Hawaii are:

No Passport Required
No language barriers
Their vision of America's own tropical paradise

5 Hawaiian tourism islands,

5 different experiences

Want to visit Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and like big city nightlife, shopping and crowds? 

Oahu is your answer!

Are you more the "country club" type, enjoying luxurious resorts and planning to spend most of your time lazing around the pool or on the beach? 
Maui sounds perfect!

Want to get away from it all, play golf together, turn in early and enjoy peace and "small town" quiet? 
Lanai has an amazing newly-renovated Four Seasons resort to offer!

Do you love to hike, paddleboard, kayak and be amazed by the most breathtaking scenery on the planet? 
You would love Kauai, the "Garden Isle"!

Are you the type of family who is fascinated by nature, history, the Polynesian culture and scientific wonders?
The Big Island of Hawaii offers active volcanoes, telescope observatories on top of snow-capped mountains, and historical and religious landmarks - too many to count!

How in the world can you decide which island, or islands, are for you? Well, that's where I come in! I have been to  most of the islands, spent time learning about each individual island and I know the right questions to ask to help you navigate the process and make sure that your special trip is custom-crafted just for YOU! Just because a neighbor enjoyed their resort last summer, doesn't mean that you will have the same result. Hawaii is not a one-size-fits-all destination...and you deserve to be sure that your priceless vacation time and money are spent on the trip that is just right FOR YOU!