Adventures in PARADISE, no passport require

A new adventure in our house, roasting marshmallows inside on a snow day. And on that same day I get this beautiful picture of my friend biking in Kauai.


Burr..its been so cold here.   To keep warm thoughts on my mind I spent a great deal of time completing my Hawaii Specialization courses last week, yay!  In addition to these courses my best friend lives in Hawaii and she always gives the best local advice, should I need it! I hate that she lives so far away but it sure is a nice place to visit.  

Hawaii is the 50th state and is a perfect destination for anyone who is looking to relax, find adventure, soak up the sun and learn about a fascinating culture. You will feel the “Aloha Spirit” stepping off the plane with a warm welcome and genuine kindness.   All are welcome and it is a great destination for a multigenerational vacation or simply your own family. There are every type of accommodation imaginable: hotels, villas, condos and rental homes.

Adventure seeking family guide to Hawai

beyond the basics


  • Mauna Kea Stargazing// Did you know that Maunakea is the tallest mountain in the world (most of the base in the ocean, just and FYI). Crazy, right!  Most of the mountain is below the waves so it only rises 13,000 feet above sea level. It makes for the perfect place to look at Hawaii’s night sky, you can look through the giant telescopes and learn more about the constellations.  But be advise, this isn’t for everyone since there is an extreme change in attitude….that's why I consider it an adventure!

  • Manta Ray Snorkel// Kona is a perfect location for swimming with these gentle giant manta rays.  Yes, giant with a wing span of up to 20 feet, they are more visible at night when the come to feed on plankton.  You can take a snorkel tour or dive guided tour, the tour company will provide all the gear needed to see the manta ray’s up close and personal.

  • Hawaii Volcano//You have probably seen Kīlauea Volcano in the news in the last year because it was erupting.  It has calmed down and yes it is safe to visit Hawaii. The most fascinating thing you can explore are the lava tubes and see real live lava.  It's the perfect opportunity to give a little educational lesson about land formation.

  • Horseback// Cowboy’s in Hawaii, you don’t say.  You can experience the paniolo (Hawaiian for cowboy) lifestyle, while riding horses through the rolling pastures of Waimea upcountry.  This is a wonderful way to experience culture, adventure and see the beautiful landscape.


  • Helicopter Tour// While all the islands offer this adventure, you can’t access 80% of the island by car which makes a helicopter tour a must. Being able to fly above and see its breathtaking beauty gives you an eye for why the island is called the Garden Isle.  

  • River kayaking/ Mountain Tubing// Explore the islands inside beauty from rivers or irrigation ditches.  You get to learn about Kauai’s sweet history of sugar plantations while floating or paddling down irrigation ditches that were built to support the industry.  Many of the tours will combine with a hike to beautiful waterfalls or snorkeling in protected bays. This is an excursion not to be missed.

  • ATV Touring// Are you curious of how you see some of the amazing movie sites, waterfalls and reservoirs when cars can’t travel to these locations?  Hop on an ATV tour and they will keep you informed of the landscape that you may have seen in the movies or on tv or take you to trails less traveled.


  • Molokini Snorkel// Molokini is considered to be a world class snorkeling adventure boasting over 250 species.  What makes Molokini so fascinating is that it is a partially submerged volcano crater off the coast of Maui.

  • Cycling Down Haleakala (volcano)// This is a cycling experience not to be missed…. 23 miles down hill, yes please!  On the ride you will see splendid views, especially when starting at sunrise. It is highly encouraged to start your tour then!  Make stops at quaint little towns.

  • Zipline// Soar like a bird over this lush forest of Maui’s upcountry.  There are many courses to pick from but they all offer a course over forest canopies and breathtaking ocean and mountain views.


  • Hike Diamond Head// When in Oahu, hike Diamond Head to see spectacular views of Waikiki from a different angle.  This is a very kid friendly hike since the trail is relatively short, mostly paved and very easy to access.

  • Surf School// Hawaii  is the birthplace of surfing, so why not give it a try yourself?  Waikiki is the perfect spot to give surfing a try because of its gentle waters.  The lessons are geared towards any age, so make it a family lesson!

  • Polynesian Cultural Center// Immerse yourself in a cultural adventure.  Learn about the 7 different Polynesian cultures including Hawaiian. There are a variety of activities and experiences including learning to fish, dancing or playing some ancient games.  

    These are only a few of the adventures you can explore while in Hawaii.  Each island serves as a playground for all the water adventures. The islands are uniquely and beautifully made and allow you to adventure through surf, snorkel, stand up paddle board, kayak, bike, hike, the list goes on….


Do you know what Aloha means?

 (Hawaiian: [əˈlōˌhä]) is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy, that is commonly used as a simple greeting but has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance to native Hawaiians.

A greeting of love and compassion; also means "to be in the presence of the divinity" or in the presence of (alo) the "divine breath of life" (Ha). 

The Aloha Spirit law became official in 1986.

 - Source Wikipedia