The pass that keeps on giving

The Benefits of joining your local ASTC museum

I hope everyone has fully recovered from Halloween and had some time to enjoy the fall beauty.  The leaves seemed to change quickly around here, maybe because the weather has been all over the place.  Over the weekend we decided to head to Shenandoah National Park to finally use the Every Kid in a Park pass, check out the blog to learn about the pass. My daughter was so excited when she received her own pass and got to sign her name. We all thanked her for her generosity for let us come along with her.  The weather was colder than expected, so we went on a short little hike but we still enjoyed the beauty of the changing leaves and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

On Tuesday, my kids were off for election day so I took them to our local science museum. The Science Museum of Virginia is one of our favorite spots.  Last year Kyle and I were gifted a science museum family pass, it has been a gift that keeps on giving. The Science Museum pass to our local museum has a reciprocal program with over 300 museums around the world.  In other words everytime we travel we have been able to go to various museums for free. The ASTC Travel Passport program definitely allows you to explore, enrich and discover something new and amazing. In the past year we have been able to go to Adventure Science Museum (Nashville, TN), La Brea Tar Pits (LA), Museum of Life and Science (Durham, NC), Discovery Cube (Santa Ana, CA), Virginia Living Museum (Newport News,VA), and of coarse our home museum Science Museum of Virginia several times.  These museums were all totally different but equally exciting, I honestly don’t know which one has been my favorite because they feel nothing alike.

Whether you enjoy science, art or history it might be worth the investment to get a pass for your family.  No, I am not getting paid by any museum I simply want others to understand the benefits of joining, especially if you plan to travel to different cities.

ASTC Travel Passport Program Benefits

  • Saves you money// In most cases the pass pays for itself after 2-3 visits.  

  • Free general admission// You must travel 90+ miles from home museum.

  • Museum Perks// Extra programs, discounts on camps, special rates at gift shops and cafes and most importantly...unlimited visits.  

  • Valid for 1 full year// We were also offered a discounted membership for renewal.

  • Explore and discover// We all learn something new every time we step in a museum. Check out the list of ASTC museums, updated every 6 months.

My membership perks allowed us to take our friends to the museum and have our kids explore together.  It doesn’t get much better than that! The pass is the perfect gift option for those who enjoy educational experiences. Tis the Season!